VBA at the World Water Forum, Bali

The Volta Basin Authority (VBA) is taking part in the 10th World Water Forum taking place from 18 to 25 May 2024 in Bali, Indonesia. ‘Water for shared prosperity’. is the theme of this year’s event.

VBA represented by Deputy Executive Director, Dr. Dibi Millogo will share experiences, studies and strategic documents with technical and financial partners, researchers etc.. ‘Integrating flood and drought management and early warning for climate change adaptation in the Volta Basin’ is the VBA’s expertise at this forum.

By bringing together participants from all levels and fields, including politics, multilateral institutions, academia, civil society and the private sector, the World Water Forum provides a unique platform where the international water community and key decision-makers can collaborate and make long-term progress on global water challenges.

The World Water Forum is the world’s largest water event. It has been organised every three years since 1997 by the World Water Council, in partnership with a host country.