The Challenge Program on Water and Food

The Water and Food Challenge Program (CPWF) in the Volta Basin

  The CPWF is an international, multi-institutional research initiative launched in 2002 by the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) which focused on water management for increased food production. The second phase (2010 -2013) of the CPWF’s research in the Volta Basin (CPWF-Volta) explored the institutional and technical aspects of the development and maintenance of small dams, considered in a larger system of water management. rainwater in the Volta basin. This approach was based on the results of the first phase of CPWF research (2003-2008) which showed, among other things, that integrated strategies are needed to not only increase water productivity but also strengthen the resilience of social and ecological systems. The CPWF-Volta officially ended in December 2013 but the dissemination of the results of the research program is still ongoing. In addition, drawing lessons from its many research for development initiatives in river basins around the world, CGIAR has started a new research for development program called “Water, Land and Ecosystems” (Water, Land and Ecosystems, WLE). This research program integrates an innovative approach in the development of agriculture and the management of natural resources for the promotion of food security, poverty reduction and environmental protection.

For more information, visit the CPWF Global (  ), CPWF-Volta (  and WLE Program ( http: //wle.cgiar) websites .org ).

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