Member countries

In order to develop the Authority’s action logic towards a strategic approach based on programs of shared interest for member countries, the Executive Directorate of the ABV undertook, from the entry into force of the Convention, a consultation of representatives of Member States.

The dialogue mechanism implemented for this consultation has led to a consensus which translates into:

– the common definition of a shared vision, namely:
“A basin shared by partners driven by good will and a spirit of cooperation, managing water resources in a rational and sustainable manner for their overall socioeconomic development”; 
– the definition of a 2010 – 2014 Strategic Plan for the Authority.

This plan is broken down into five (5) strategic objectives as follows:

1. Strengthen policies, legislative framework and institutional framework; 
2. Improve knowledge of the basin; 
3. Ensure coordination, planning and management; 
4. Develop communication and capacity building for all stakeholders; 
5. Strengthen the operationality of the VBA (technical and organizational engineering capacities).

The Plan was validated by the Council of Ministers during its 3rd session in Dec. 2009. These strategic objectives therefore constitute the medium-term intervention framework developed and implemented by the ABV.