Audience of the Executive Director with the Minister of Environment, Energy, Water and Sanitation, Minister in charge of Burkina Faso

On Thursday 7 April 2022, a delegation of the Executive Management of ABV composed of the Executive Director, the Deputy Executive Director and the Director of Administration and Finance and accompanied by the Director General of Water Resources (DGRE), Coordinator of the National Focal Structure-ABV in Burkina Faso, was received in audience by Dr. Maminata TRAORE/COUCHEN. The delegation was received by Dr. Maminata TRAORE/COULIBALY, Minister of Environment, Energy, Water and Sanitation (MEEEA), Minister in charge of Burkina Faso.

This was an opportunity for the ABV delegation to present the Institution and its major achievements to the Minister, recently appointed at the head of this important Ministry.
During this audience, the following essential points were discussed:
► a brief overview of the Volta Basin Authority (VBA) and its major achievements since its creation to date;
► the current operating situation of the Executive Directorate/VBA and its expectations from Burkina Faso (Headquarters) through its supervisory Ministry, the MEEEA.

Very pleased with the dynamism in which the ABV is evolving despite some difficulties, she gave useful advice along with a willingness to support-accompany the ABV in the implementation of its mandate, that of : “Promote permanent dialogue and sustainable development for an equitable sharing of benefits with a view to poverty reduction and better socio-economic integration”.
As for the issue of sustainable financing of development activities in the Volta Basin, the Minister resolutely promised a working session in the coming weeks, with a view to deepening reflection on existing innovative financing mechanisms in order to identify appropriate and sustained ways and means for their implementation.
After the Executive Director’s words of thanks and gratitude, Dr. Maminata TRAORE/COULIBALY, Minister of Environment, Energy, Water and Sanitation, closed the audience with words of encouragement and perseverance, because, she said, “the development challenges to be taken up in our sub-region are multiple and multifaceted, and everything seems to be a priority.

In the middle, the Minister with VBA Executive Director and his Deputy on her right and on her left the DGRE and the VBA FD