VBA at the 9th World Water Forum

The Volta Basin Authority is taking part in the 9th World Water Forum which will be held from 21 to 26 March 2022 in Dakar, Republic of Senegal.

By participating in the next 9th World Water Forum, the VBA represented by the Executive Director, Mr. Robert DESSOUASI and the Deputy Executive Director, Dr. Dibi Millogo will share its experiences, studies and strategic documents with the technical and financial partners, researchers, etc. “Promoting permanent dialogue and sustainable development for an equitable sharing of benefits for poverty reduction and better socio-economic integration” is the know-how of the VBA which will run the stand of the basin organizations during the forum.

As a reminder, the World Water Council, created in 1996, is the founder and co-organizer of the World Water Forum and catalyzes collective action during and between each Forum

The World Water Forum is the world’s largest water event. It has been organized every three years since 1997 by the World Water Council, in partnership with a host country. The 9th Forum will be the first of its kind to be held in Sub-Saharan Africa.

By bringing together participants from all levels and fields, including politics, multilateral institutions, academia, civil society and the private sector, the World Water Forum provides a unique platform for the international water community and key decision makers to collaborate and make long-term progress on global water challenges.

Over the years, the number of people participating in the Forum has grown from a few hundred to tens of thousands, both from the international community and the host countries.