Towards the volta basin climate investment plan

A regional workshop on the state of play of climate change and its impacts in the Volta Basin is being held from 05 to 06 May 2022 at the Palm Beach Hotel in Ouagadougou.

The opening ceremony of this meeting is placed under the chairmanship of the Minister of Environment, Energy, Water and Sanitation represented by his Secretary General Mr. Augustin Kaboré who described the workshop as a forum for the exchange of knowledge of experts from the six (06) member countries of the Volta Basin Authority.

48 hours is the time devoted to the participants to exchange on the results of the assessment of climate change and its impacts in the Volta Basin within the framework of the VBA’s Climate Investment Plan.

According to the report, climate change will increase in all regions over the next few decades. With 1.5°C global warming, there will be more heat waves, longer hot seasons and shorter cold seasons. With a 2°C rise, extreme heat would more often reach critical tolerance thresholds for agriculture and public health.

Climate change intensifies the water cycle. This brings more intense rainfall, with accompanying floods, and more intense droughts in many regions.

As a reminder, the “Regional Partnership on Water and Environment in Central and West Africa (RWPE)” which aims to “strengthen the resilience of natural ecosystems and local communities in the river and lake basins of Central and West Africa”, IUCN through its Swedish partner ASDI is the financial support of the VBA.