The VSIP Project Steering Committee held its 4th and last meeting.

The fourth and last meeting of the Steering Committee of the Volta Basin Strategic Action Program Implementation Project (VSIP), was held from 02 to 03 August 2019. It was in Lomé, in the Togolese Republic .

Were present :

  • the representatives of the VBA member states: the VBA National Focal Points and the GEF Operational Focal Points);
  • the executives of the Executive Direction of the ABV;
  • representatives of Technical and Financial Partners: Global Water Partnership / West Africa (GWP-AO) and the ECOWAS Water Resources Management Center (CGRE / ECOWAS).

On the agenda of the 4th meeting were the status of implementation of the recommendations of the 3 rd meeting of the Project Steering Committee, the review of the 2018 activities report, the presentation component 3 restructured the joint VBA / World Bank planning and presentation of the 2019 Annual Work Plan and Budget.

At the end of the discussions, the Steering Committee adopted the various reports presented and made recommendations:

To the Executive Direction of the ABV:

  • capitalize on the results of feasibility studies (APS / APD) to enhance the results of the project;
  • use the feasibility reports (APS / APD) produced (at the request of UNEP) to promote them within the framework of the Project;
  • adapt the implementation of projects to the capacities of the VBA;
  • reflect on other types of funding provided by the GEF;
  • liaise with the GEF Secretariat for further information regarding the possible continuation of the VSIP project.

To member states

  • develop a motion of recommendations to GEF and CIWA for the continuation of the VSIP project or a new phase of said project.

For a period of 4 (years), funded by the Cooperation for International Waters in Africa (CIWA) and the Global Environment Facility (GEF), respectively up to 3,500,000 USD and 7,200,000 USD under form of donation, the VSIP Project is a contribution to the implementation of four (4) specific objectives of the 2015-2019 strategic plan of the Volta Basin Authority. It is structured around four components: (i) development of the water charter; (ii) facilitation of dialogue, communication and project monitoring; (iii) implementation of priority actions of the strategic action program of the Volta basin; (iv) project coordination.

The overall objective of the Project is to strengthen the capacities of the ABV for better management of water resources in the Volta basin.