As part of the implementation of Component 1 of the project, the ABV completed at the end of 2010 a first study relating to the inventory of the hydrometeorological situation in the basin. This study consisted of two parts:

• Component 1: diagnostic assessment of monitoring systems for the following areas: climatology; surface water (quantitative and qualitative aspects); groundwater (quantitative and qualitative aspects); coastal waters (qualitative aspect)
• Part 2: the development of reference documents and summary documents in order to promote and better share between stakeholders in the basin the basic knowledge and results of the previous part of the study.

Part 1 made it possible to address the following specific aspects:
• inventory, location and characterization of monitoring systems;
• analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the networks in relation to the tasks that the Observatory could entrust to them (organization, typology, exchange format);
• definition of a priority work program allowing optimal functioning of these monitoring systems, both in terms of the additional equipment required for data collectors and producers as well as the organizational and technical aspects of networking.

The results of the study are presented in the form of a structured report to allow regular and easy updating of information.

Part 2 led to:

• the development of a descriptive metadata of networks (MS-Access), which the Project Steering Committee agreed to update annually, with the contribution of States.

• the consolidation of a cartographic background and a cartographic drafting model which is now the benchmark for the Observatory,
• a set of thematic maps summarizing the results of part 1 and the content of the metadata base (distribution and typology of climatological and hydrometric stations, distribution of piezometric stations and stations for monitoring the quality of groundwater, etc.) .