NIAMPA AS Boukari, Technical Officer of the VFDM / EWACC Project

NIAMPA Boukari, socio-economist of development, 22 years of experience in several fields of sustainable economic and social development, professional passionate about the management of water resources and the environmental, economic and social resilience of communities and livelihoods in the face of climatic shocks.

He joined the team of the Volta Basin Authority since December 02, 2019 on behalf of the project: ” Integrate flood and drought management and early warning for adaptation to climate change in the basin of the Volta “

This project aims to establish a political, institutional, economic, social, decision-making environment conducive to the effective forecasting and management of floods and drought in the Volta Basin while creating the socio-physical and economic conditions for resilience long-term users of water resources and associated ecosystems in this basin.